Two Piece Ball Valves - 9000F Series

9000F Series Two Piece Ball Valves


The 9000F Series is constructed with a one-piece body and threaded end cap which gives maximum structural strength while minimizing the number of potential leak paths through the valve. Available in sizes 1/4" through 3", full port, carbon and stainless steel. Sizes 1/2" through 1" and 3" full port can be readily automated with our full line of pneumatic and electric actuators. Consult factory for 1-1/4" through 2-1/2" full port automation.


Investment cast body construction Blow-out proof stem Reinforced PTFE seats Adjustable PTFE packing API 598 Inspection & Testing PED 97/23/EC ISO 9001 Locking lever operator w/D&T mounting pad


Data Sheet
9000F Series Data Sheet
Dimensional drawing
9000F Series, FNPT Ends, 1/4" - 3", Lever Oper
9000F Series, FNPT Ends, 1/4" - 3", UT Act.
9000F Series, FNPT Ends, 1/4" - 3", ER Act.
I & M
9000 Series I & M
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