Direct Mount Stainless Steel Valve - DM9000 Series

DM9000 Series


direct mount automated ball valve in sizes 1/2" through 2" full port stainless steel. Designed for economical automation, the DM9000 features a machined mounting pad for direct mounting of pneumatic or electric actuators. Bi-directional operation designed to assure leakproof sealing with flow in either direction. Full compliance with ISO 5211 to provide heavy stem designed for direct actuators-to-stem drive.


Investment cast body construction ISO 5211 actuator mounting pad Blow-out proof stem PTFE seats O-ring backed low operating torque O-ring stem seals 100% tested


Data Sheet
DM9000 Series Data Sheet
Dimensional drawing
DM9000F Series, Dir. Mt., FNPT Ends, 1/4" - 2", UT Act.
DM9000F Series, Dir. Mt., FNPT Ends, 1/2" - 2", UT Act., CR012H LS
DM9900F Series, Dir. Mt., FNPT Ends, 1/4" - 2", ER Act. MD09008
I & M
DM9000 Series I & M
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