Control Valve Ball Valve - CV3000 Series

CV3000 Series Characterized Insert Control Valve


The CV3000 is a v-type control valve for precise control allowing high pressure drop capability with straight through flow and bubble-tight shut-off. Materials of construction for the valve or insert include Hastelloy B, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, Bronze, Monel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and other special materials such as Duplex, 254 SMO and Titanium. A variety of seat materials are available including PTFE, Carbon or Stainless filled PTFE, Delrin or PEEK.


State of the art modulating ball valve for control The throttling element of the valve is a v-control metal insert located behind the upstream seat. This protects the soft seats from high velocities and ensures bubble-tight shutoff when required V control insert and metal encapsulated seats provide lower operating torque and less hysteresis Available in a wide range of materials


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CV3000 Series Data Sheet
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