2000F150 Series Flanged Valves

2000F150 Series Flanged Valves


The Marwin 2000 Series flanged ball valve is designed to handle process applications. Low torque, combined with a large mounting pad, makes this valve ideal for automation. Marwin offers a wide range of automated accessories including actuators (electric and pneumatic), limit switches, solenoids and gear operators. The Marwin 2000 Series, whether manual or automated, should be considered before other more expensive flanged valves. The full port valves are a split body design with center flanges to bolt the two halves together around the ball and seats and compress them. The advantage of the full port valve is that it has a full diameter, straight, construction-free flow path, so that it has about the same flow capacity and pressure drop as a similar size piece of pipe.


Investment cast 2-piece body construction ISO 5211 actuator mounting pad Blow-out proof stem Reinforced PTFE seats Adjustable, live loaded PTFE packing w/O-ring secondary seal API 598 inspection and testing PED 97/23/EC; ISO 9001 Locking lever operator


Data Sheet
2000F Series Data Sheet
Dimensional drawing
2000F, Class 150 RF Flg Ends, 1/2" - 6", Lever Oper
2000F, Class 150 RF Flg. Ends, 1/2" - 6", ER Act. Sized for RPTFE seats
2000F, Class 150 RF Flg. Ends, 1/2" - 6", UT Act. Sized for RPTFE seats
I & M
2000F150 Series I & M
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Steam Service SP Ratings
ASME Pressure Ratings Chart

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