Rotary Positioners - 40/41 Series

40/41 Series Rotary Positioners


The 40 Series pneumatic (3-15 psi) and 41 Series electro-pneumatic (4-20mA) rotary positioners are advanced control devices which provide un-paralleled stability in difficult environments.  Rugged aluminum housing with a triple corrosion-resistant interior and exterior coating that resists harsh environments.  Bleed pilot valve reduces air consumption by more than 50%. Precise calibration with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments. Unique magnetic 4-20mA I/P converter provides automation compensation for supply pressure, atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature changes, and is unaffected by electromagnetic fields. Precision zero-hysteresis coupling system pro-vides superior accuracy and repeatability by eliminating “slop”. Stainless steel guages standard.  



Data Sheet
40/41 Series Rotary Positioners Data Sheet
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