Smart Positioner - 2IQ Series

2-IQ Smart Valve Positioner


Marwin's 2-IQ Smart Positioner has superior accu-racy,long-term reliability and ease of use.The unit is available with or without Profibus PA or HART proto-cols, and is designed so that optional modules for alarms and positioner feedback are easily plugged in or snapped on.
The unique positioners can give unequalled per-formance from Marwin ball valves when used for control in a process.The 2-IQ is loaded with standard features including:

The ability to change the valve's action at the touch of a button

Characterization of the flow pattern through the positioner

Deadband adjustment

Tight closing feature

Other impressive standard features include loop powered control. There is no need to have a sepa-rate power supply as the positioner runs from the signal leads. The 2-IQ will withstand 175°F (79°C) ambient temperature and a shock resistance of 10g. It has a resolution accuracy of < 0.05%.


Automatic five step positioner setting Excellent in combination with Marwin UT Series pneumatic actuators Very low air consumption when idle, regardless of supply air pressure Fully integrated gage block resulting in a compact positioner complete with pressure gauges The display is visible while the instrument is in operation so the operating data may be continually reviewed Four modes of operation: automatic,manual, configuration and initialization


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2-IQ Smart Valve Positioner Series Data Sheet
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