Pneumatic Actuators - UT Series

UT Series Pneumatic Actuators


A full range of double acting and spring return actuators designed to NAMUR for air supply ports and top mounting with ISO 5211 for base mounting patterns. Double acting actuators available in output torques up to 36,611 inch pounds. Spring return actuators available with spring break torque up to 16,723 inch pounds. Long end cap bolts provide safety in disassembly of spring return actuators. Same end-to-end dimensions for spring return and double acting actuators. Maximum working pressure up to 116 psi (8 bar). Standard temperature rating of -4°F (-20°C) through 180°F (85°C). Optional materials available to increase temperature ratings.


Dual adjustable open - close stops Anti-blowout pinion 1,000,000 cycle normal service life ISO / DIN Valve Interface NAMUR Accessory Mounting Long end cap bolts allow spring decompression


Data Sheet
UT Series Data Sheet (2011 Design)
UT Series Data Sheet
I & M
UT Series I & M (2011 Style)
UT Series I & M (2003 Style)
UT Series I & M (Pre 2003 Style)
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