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Aug, 2015
Marwin OnLine Store Now Open!

The Marwin E-Commerce site is now open!
Currently, we have the Marwin 8700 Series available for purchase - as a manual valve or with a pneumatic actuator with a solenoid and limit switch available as options.  The 8700 Series is a three piece, 1000 WOG rated valve with ISO 5211 mounting (with an integral locking lever). Sizes come in 1/2" through 2" full port with a self pressure relieving design by means of a pressure balance port in the ball slot to equalize ball cavity pressure in the closed position.

In the very near future, we will also be offering the Marwin 4700 Series at our online store. The 4700 Series represents the leading technology in three piece ball valves. This versatile 2000 WOG rated valve is standard with API 607 5th Edition fire test qualification and ISO 5211 mounting with an integral locking lever. Available in sizes 1/2" through 4", full port, fire tested to API 607 5th Edition with standard PTFE seats graphite packing and graphite body seals. ISO 5211 direct mount top with slide lock lever in one design for automation flexibility or manual operation.

E-Commerce Site

Feb, 2015
Marwin Valve Channel on YouTube

Marwin Valve now has a channel on YouTube! Our channel features a Product of the Month, along with Overview of Products, How To Videos - including how to repair, install an maintain our valves, and TroubleShooting videos.

Please be sure to subscribe to our chanel so that you may receive notification of new content on the channel. It is easy to do - just click on the subscribe button. You can also subscribe to our other product lines - Steriflow Valve, LowFlow Valve, Jordan Valve, and Hex Valve; along with our parent company - Richards Industries.

If you should have any suggestions for other videos, please contact us.